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Artworks CincyInk 
CGN West Side Mural 
Continuum Summer Solstice ’16 
Cryptogram Artifacts 
Flooded at 21c 
Guru @ Nasa 
HGC Build Everyday Poster 
Hungry for Haiti 
Kunst / Issue 02 
Naytronix Winter ’16 
Pressto Printo 
Raise The Heights 
The Harlequins “One With You” 
The Harlequins / U.S. Falls Tour 


A haptic design studio.

Clients & collaborators: 21c Hotels, Kunst Magazine, Mini Microcinema, Woodward Theater, MOTR Pub, Apple Street Market,  Brush Factory, People’s Liberty, Point Road Studios, Julia Lipovsky, Cladies, Dawg Yawp, We Have Become Vikings, Doodles On The Daily, Continuum, Joe Walsh Design, CAC, Art Academy of Cincinnati, ArtWorks, Visionaries & Voices, DJ Trischler, Die Innenstadt, Mike Dew, Rob Warnick, Rhinegeist, BLDG, The Harlequins, Durham Brand & Co., Small Black, Platform53, Cincinnati Art Museum, Joesph, Comey & Shepherd, James Billiter, Jerald Cooper/Young Guru, HGC, The Carnegie…